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WELCOME to Good News with Smiley & Marlene Papenfus!

God gave the revelation of the gospel truth to the Apostle Paul (Gal 1:6-12), which 'Brightly Burns' in my heart.

i)    Our Ministry re-launching pad: an East Tampa Church (Christ Centered Church), where our weekly ministry has been welcomed & celebrated (as self-supporting servants of God).

ii)   In a recent VIVID DREAM from the Lord, I had a compelling 'Macedonian Call' (Acts 16:6-10) to FREELY DISTRIBUTE our extensive & effective Laymans School of Training EQUIPPING MATERIALS to an Army of Pastors in Africa, India & MANY other countries (whom we're connected to).  This is a fulfillment of KIM CLEMENT'S PROPHECY (see3)...

iii)  God has also directed us to keep ADDING new fresh Revelation Knowledge 'Gospel Training' resources.

iv)   We're connecting with friends, associates & churches from our history, to participate in this GREAT VISION.


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We are most grateful for your Prayerful Consideration to sponsor the 'Laymans School of Training' to an Army of Pastors, especially in 3rd world countries, to help them EQUIP their laity for effective ministry; made possible through your PARTNERSHIP with 'Good News with Smiley' (no gift is too small to be deeply appreciated & for God to abundantly bless - together we CALL IN your harvest - Rom 4:17).


Phil 1:3-5  I thank my God in all my REMEMBRANCE of you,

4     always offering prayer with JOY in my 'every prayer' for you all,

5     (so very) thankful for your PARTNERSHIP (Greek: association & joint participation) in (the spreading of) the gospel...

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A Prophecy from KIM CLEMENT, after we came to America, which TODAY CONFIRMS what God has directed us to do…

"Papenfus, Smiley!!  The Lord brought you to this land because you were faithful in your land...the airwaves will open up to you.  You have retained the KNOWLEDGE of the Lord.  I will not let that KNOWLEDGE go to waste, I will take you and possess you with a sound...FAVOR like you have never seen before.  God says I am going to take this KNOWLEDGE bit by bit and DISPERSE it...to other parts of the world.  I WILL give you a 'DISPERSING' of your KNOWLEDGEGod says 'rejoice' that I have touched you with a brand NEW FIRE and a brand NEW REVIVAL says the Lord your God."


1 Tim 1:18 This charge (Greek: mandate) I commit to you...in accordance with the PROPHECIES previously made concerning you, that BY THEM you may 'wage the good warfare',


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How can we agree with you in prayer (which is an important part of our morning Prayer/Communion)?

We believe in exercising our COVENANT AUTHORITY to proclaim God’s protection and blessings over all our GOSPEL COVENANT PARTNERS & FRIENDS - we too COVET YOUR PRAYER SUPPORT.